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South Richmond School No. 3619 Twin Coulee School No. 3619

The original name for the school district was South Richmond. The school district was formed on February 19, 1918, but it appears that no school was built at that time. By the time the school was built, the district had applied for, and been granted on February 23, 1925, a name change, to Twin Coulee […]

Snake Valley School No. 3812

Snake Valley school was established April 24, 1919. Directions from Lomond – South 2 miles on Highway 845, turn west on Township Road 160 for 5½ miles, sign is near power pole in field. Latitude 50.30975, Longitude -112.76524 The school district encompassed Sections 5, 6, 7 and 8 in Township 16 Range 20; Sections 29, […]

Snake Creek School No. 4245

Prior to 1926 there was an area consisting mainly of townships 23 and 24 which was not included in any school district. Some children travelled considerable distances to school, while some did not attend school at all. Tax payers in the area discussed a solution and consulted with authorities in Edmonton. It was agreed that […]

Sharon School No. 1065

Sharon School District is the oldest school district in Vulcan County, having been established July 27, 1904. The school was located on NE 24-17-27-W4. Directions from Vulcan-West 10 miles on Highway 534, turn North on Highway 804 for 4 miles, turn West on Township Road 174 for 3 miles. Latitude 50.455, Longitude 113,5756 A notice […]

Sandpit School No. 4246

When established in 1926, the school district was referred to as Sandpit School District. In 1927, the Sand Pit School District was given permission to borrow $2750. Viola Mensinger researched this school for “Wheat Country – a history of Vulcan and District.” In the area where the Sand Pit School was eventually built, it became […]

Richmond Hill School No. 1827

In May 1908 a meeting was held to start a school for Richmond Hill district. Mr. Wm. McLeod was elected as chairman with trustees – Dan Richmond (who the school was named after), J. W. McLeod, James Morton. The district was established on June 12, 1908. The school was located on SW 3-17-26-W4. Dan Richmond […]

Reid Hill School No. 1847

Frances L. Warden tells: Pioneer, Orie Reid operated a general store near the hill which now bears his name, Reid Hill. In 1907, Mr. Reid was appointed postmaster and operated a post office in conjunction with his store. Reid Hill School, District No. 1847, was built in 1907 by Mr. George Robson. It was located […]

Red Cross School No. 3446

Established on December 19, 1916, Red Cross School was located on SE 17-18-24-W4. Directions from Vulcan – North 7 miles on Highway 23. Latitude 50.51374, Longitude -113.25575 Neil Giles wrote the school history in “Wheat Country – a history of Vulcan and District.” Red Cross was one of the later school districts to be formed […]

Prospect Slope School No. 2649

Prospect Slope school was built in 1912 on N.W. 29-16-21 and opened in 1913. The early pioneers were very aware of the need of education and were most concerned by the lack of school facilities as their young families approached school age. Bert McFall, a homesteader from west of Lomond, helped build the school. The […]

Pleasant Grove School No. 1863

Pleasant Grove School District was established on July 24, 1908. It was located on the NW quarter of 28-18-25-W4. Directions from Vulcan – North 12 miles on Highway 23, turn west at Highway 23/24/542 junction (Corner Store) for 6 miles, turn South on Range Road 254 for 1½ miles. Latitude 50.55020, Longitude -113.39191. The school […]