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“The Great Haul” with Shaylyn Strauss

The fifth installment of the Vulcan County History Digital Story series features Shaylyn Strauss of Vulcan with her story about Slim Moorhouse and his “great haul” which has become renowned in Vulcan and area as well as for its appearance at the Calgary Stampede. Produced by Shaylyn, Bev Knutson Shaw, and Vulcan County History. Enjoy! […]

ACAD students use Vulcan County History content for New Media projects

Story Source: http://vulcancountyhistory.com/2010/11/yale-school-no-1749/ Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

Silent Scenes from Vulcan in the 1950s

These videos have been published to youtube on PeteBosely’s channel.  The channel is run by David Bircham of www.silentalbum.com If you recognize any of the people or details, please comment below. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this […]

Talking across barb-wire

The Vulcan and District history book “Wheat Country,” published in 1973, gives this good description of a truly western innovation. The telephone played an important part in the development of the hamlet of Brant and the surrounding district. The Barb Wire telephone was the first form of communication. A part of a story from the […]

Thigh Hills School No. 1593

The school district was established as Thigh Hills School District on December 27, 1906. The shape of the two hills on the map of early surveys showed a thigh-shaped formation. It seems that it may have been called Thigh Hill by everyone but the government. Directions from Vulcan – East 5 miles on Highway 534, […]

Vulcan School No. 1902

Excerpts from Don Jantzie’s article in “Wheat Country I – A history of Vulcan and District” The school that began its time as Ferrodale School No. 1902 in 1908 changed its name to Vulcan School in 1917. The changing of the name of the school district from Ferrodale No. 1902 to Vulcan No. 1902 was […]

Union Jack School No. 1865

Union Jack School was organized on July 24, 1908. It was situated twelve miles north and three miles east of Vulcan on the hard top to Milo.  Directions from Vulcan – North 12 miles on Highway 23, turn east onto Highway 542 for 3 miles; Milo – West on Highway 542 for 13 miles. Latitude […]

Sunset Valley School No. 3236

Marion (Beacome) Winters wrote in “Wheat Country – a history of Vulcan and District”: Times being more prosperous in 1915 than in earlier years, the board of trustees, consisting of A. H. Tharle, A. D. Mitchell, H. W. Ernst and S. Washburn as secretary-treasurer contracted the construction of the school for approximately $1500 on the […]

Sunny Lake School No. 4123

Doris Orchard tells of the history of Sunny Lake School in “Wheat Country – a history of Vulcan and District”: Sunny Lake School was started around 1922. The first school room was a room in a house on the Corbitt farm, later owned by the Smith family. The first teacher was a Miss Jessie Graham, […]

Sunny Glen School No. 2041

From Vulcan, go east 10 miles on Highway 534, turn north on Range Road 230 for 3½ miles and you will come across an impressive marker site. Surrounding the regular school marker is a rectangle of gravel with a large rock at each corner. A plaque listing Sunny Glen Students and those persons interested in […]