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Talking across barb-wire

The Vulcan and District history book “Wheat Country,” published in 1973, gives this good description of a truly western innovation. The telephone played an important part in the development of the hamlet of Brant and the surrounding district. The Barb Wire telephone was the first form of communication. A part of a story from the […]

Ted Barris speaks at RCAF Vulcan

Ted Barris is an accomplished author and journalist often specializing in the military history of Canada.  He was invited to speak by the Bomber Command Museum of Canada at their August 2010 “Salute to the Flight Instructors” weekend event held at the RCAF Vulcan Aerodome and at their location in Nanton, Alberta.  This video features […]

New Reid Hill School No. 1847

The school was at SE 4-17-22-W4. Directions from Vulcan – East 12¾ miles on Highway 534. Latitude 50.39763, Longitude -112.96571 (Sometimes referred to as Reid Hill Consolidated) In 1939, in Alberta, the Foothills School Division was formed, in which area the Reid Hill School was located. (This was before the advent of the formation of […]

Kinnondale School District No. 2096

By the end of 1909, the land boom in the area northeast of present-day Lomond was in full swing. According to a 1937 study by G.H. Craig and J. Proskie entitled  “The Acquisition of Land in the Vulcan-Lomond area of Alberta”, more than half of the homesteads and pre-emptions taken in the Lomond District between […]

Highland School No. 1508

Highland School District was established on January 8, 1906. The first organizational meeting of Highland School District No. 1508 was held at the T. M. Davis home on May 1, 1906. The district was designated as sections 15, to 22, and 27 to 34, township 17, range 24 and sections 13, 24, 25 and 36 […]

Harvey School No. 1597

Harvey School was named after Harvey McFarland, who had filed on the quarter where the school was built and also had a store on the same quarter, SE 4-17-25-W4. It was established on February 12, 1907. Directions from Vulcan – West almost 4 1/2 miles on Highway 534 Latitude 50.39713, Longitude  -113.37770 As the homesteaders […]

Ensign School No. 2563

Ensign School was established on September 25, 1911. It was located on the SW quarter of 31-17-25-W4. Directions from Vulcan – West 7 miles on Highway 534, turn North on Range Road 260 for 5 miles, turn East on Township Road 175 for 1/2 mile, turn NW on Railway Ave into Ensign, turn NE onto […]

Derry School No. 3114

Go north from Vulcan for 7 miles on Highway 23, then turn west on Township Road 182 for 3 1/2 miles. (Latitude 50.51385, Longitude -113.33457) to reach the site of Derry School. It was established on March 25, 1914. On May 28, 1914 approval was given for a site on the southeast corner of the […]

Brant School No. 1201/Brant School No. 1283

Brant School was established on February 6, 1905. It was named after the Brant geese, of which there were many. It was located on the NE quarter of 27-18-26-W4, in the town of Old Brant. Directions today are: From Vulcan – West 10 miles on Highway 534, turn North on Highway 804 for 10 miles, […]

Boyne School No. 1778

Boyne School, established on March 11, 1908, was located on the SE quarter of 16-16-25-W4. Directions today are: From Vulcan – West 4 miles on Highway 534, turn South on Range Rd 253 (Airport Rd) for 4 miles, turn West onto Township Rd 162 for 3/4 mile Latitude 50.33919, Longitude -113.38590 Annie B. Daley writes […]