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Hiawatha School No. 1839

Hiawatha School District was formed in 1908, established on January 25, with George O’Dell, Nelson W. Scott, P. O. Sommers and Ernie Zang as its first trustees. The School board borrowed $800.00 to purchase a site and build a schoolhouse. The school was built in 1909, by George Edwards on the north side of Eight Mile […]

Harvard School No. 1546

The Harvard school, built in 1907, was situated three-quarters of a mile south of the Cleverville Cairn. Established on August 29, 1906, it was located on the SE quarter of 8-15-23-W4. Directions from Champion – East 2 miles on Highway 529. Latitude 50.25164, Longitude -113.12051 This was the first school in the Cleverville district, and […]

Harmony School No. 1761

Harmony School was established on February 11, 1908.  It was located on the NE quarter of 33-15-22-W4. Directions from Champion – East 9 miles on Highway 529, turn north onto Range Road 223 (Matlock Road) for 3 1/4 miles. Latitude 50.29955, Longitude -112.96011 Dollarhide and sons, Tony and Harry, homesteaded here. The first entry in […]

Garrard School No. 3813

Garrard School was built by Jens Sokvitne on the homestead of Art Garrard on SE 6-16-21-W4. The school was named after him and his mother. They were often seen traveling together in a top-buggy. It was established on April 24, 1919. The school was located between three centers so the directions from Champion – East […]

Fireguard School No. 3679

To reach the site of Fireguard School from Champion, go West 7 miles on Highway 529, turn South on Range Road 251 for 2 miles, turn west on Township Road 150 (Fireguard Road) for 1/2 mile. Latitude 50.22271, Longitude -113.33263 This school was established on May 9, 1918. It was located on the NE quarter […]

“For Home and Country”: Champion Women’s Institute

When the Champion’s Women’s Institute (WI) disbanded in the 1980s, it was the longest running organization in Champion’s history. The first meeting of the WI had been held in Miller’s Hall on 14 July, 1915, with Mrs. Seal as the first president. In 1897, Adelaide Hoodless founded the first Women’s Institute in Canada, in Stoney […]

Champion Consolidated School No. 40

Chammpion Consolidated School was established on November 30, 1917. The school districts of Harvard S.D. No. 1546, Sherwood S.D. No. 1795 and Champion S.D. No. 2795 joined, using the Champion school. It was in the town of Champion, at the east end of Main Street. Soon the school was full, and after World War I […]

Champion School No. 2795

The original school, Champion School District No. 2795, was established as the Wellington School District No. 2795 on July 25, 1912. Three weeks later, on August 10, 1912, its name was changed to Champion School District No. 2795. Another school near Seven Persons, Alberta already had the Champion name, Champion School District No. 2474. This […]

Bow Valley School No. 1409

Section 28 of the School Ordinance of 1884 provided the Northwest Territorial Council with the authority to establish school districts. By 1905, when the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were formed, there were 1409 school districts operating. The last school the Council set up was the Bow Valley School District No. 1409. The school name […]

Blusson School No. 1787

From Champion, go East 4 miles on Highway 529, turn north on Range Rd 232 for 4 miles, turn east onto Township Rd 160 (Coalmine Rd) for 1/2 mile. Latitude 50.31023, Longitude -113.06296, to arrive at the site of Blusson School. This school was established on April 13, 1908. It was located on the SE quarter […]