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Who are the forgotten dead of Vulcan County?

During the decade after 1916, settlers fled the drought-ridden plains of southeastern Alberta en masse. As David C. Jones outlines in his book, We’ll all be buried down here- The Prairie Drybelt Disaster of 1917-1926, homesteaders often alighted with few possessions, many carrying only “the shirts on their backs”. In some instances settlers were forced to part with […]

Piercing allegations sunk Bow City’s chief booster

Part 16 in a series on the history of Bow City. 1916 was a bad year for Herbert Chandler Pierce. As the year drew to a close the village that Pierce had once promoted so vigorously now appeared on the verge of extinction. As the residents of Bow City dispersed like tumbling kochia weed, thoughts […]

Kinnondale School District No. 2096

By the end of 1909, the land boom in the area northeast of present-day Lomond was in full swing. According to a 1937 study by G.H. Craig and J. Proskie entitled  “The Acquisition of Land in the Vulcan-Lomond area of Alberta”, more than half of the homesteads and pre-emptions taken in the Lomond District between […]


Part 15 in a series on the history of Bow City. The exodus from Bow City was swift and unrelenting. By 1916 only the Bow City Trading Company, Campbell Bros. Hardware, Brewer’s Livery Stable, the post office and seven houses remained in the village.  Even the newly–elected secretary-treasurer of the village, former lumber merchant “Colonel […]

A city in name only

While the civic fathers remained confident that the village of Bow City would rise like a Phoenix from the scorched prairies, by 1914 most had tired of the empty promises of a railroad and prosperity. With the arrival of the Suffield subdivision branch line to the prairie south and west of the village, new communities […]

Bow City’s well runs dry

Just as Bow City’s civic fathers were launching a campaign to promote the Village to investors here and abroad, events a world away would have a deleterious effect on the “City of Natural Resources”. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the […]

The Alberta Land Company

As the Canadian Pacific Railway was busy sinking money into its two million acre irrigation project on the north side of the Bow, other similar schemes on the south side of the river hoped to capitalize on the growing demand for irrigated lands. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit […]

The Village of Bow City

The Bow City townsite, likely summer or fall of 1914. L-R buildings: Bow City Hotel, background; General Store, Cook and Newton; Pool Hall with dance hall upstairs; Campbell Brothers hardware. (Glenbow Archives NA-1308-40) ————————————————————— Municipal inspector A.D. Fidler had no sooner bid farewell to Bow City before the residents of the community had renewed their quest […]

The Bow City Hotel

A picture of the Bow City Hotel from a 1914 publication by the Bow City Board of Trade entitled “Bow City, Alberta, Canada – City of Natural Resources” One of the outstanding features of the Village of Bow City was the Bow City Hotel, which towered over the community at the peak of its prosperity. […]

The day the Inspector came to Bow City

The temperature poked around the 20 degree mark on May 2, 1914- the day municipal inspector A.D. Fidler came to town. Prior to his arrival, the stars seemed to be aligning for the little settlement on the banks of the Bow. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with […]