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Swastika School No. 4267 Wayside School No. 4267

Margaret House wrote this article in “Furrows of Time, a history of Arrowwood and Shouldice, Mossleigh and Farrow:” In the early years, it was difficult for people to get their children to school unless they could move to nearby towns. There was a definite need for a school southeast of Arrowwood, as that area was […]

Shouldice School No. 4222

Shouldice School opened east of Arrowwood, southwest of Shouldice, on the 16 January, 1926, in a granary attached to the chairman’s house, taught by Miss Nita (Jones) Boos. The school district was established on July 9, 1925. The district was named after the Shouldice family. On January 28, 1926, the school district was declared to […]

LaSalle School No. 4362

One of the later school districts to be organized, LaSalle School District No. 4362 was established on September 15, 1928. It was located on the SE quarter of 29-21-24-W4. Directions from Arrowwood – South 1 1/2 miles on Highway 547, follow curve and head west 6 miles on Highway 547, turn north on Range Road […]

East Arrowwood School No. 3201

East Arrowwood School was often referred to as the little school two miles east and one and a half miles south of where the town of Arrowwood is now. It was established on November 25, 1914 and built in 1915. Directions from Arrowwood are – East on Township Rd 205A (follows north side of railway) […]

Dunree School No. 4266

Margaret House wrote about the history of Dunree School: Dunree School District No. 4266 came into being Oct. 21, 1926. That same year on Nov. 6, Peter Verigin was appointed secretary-treasurer. It was arranged by the Provincial Dept. of Education with Mr. Verigin, who was representing the people at the Doukhobor Colony near Shouldice, that […]

Northeast School Districts, never schools

Buffalo Hill School District No. 3730 land location 20-23-W4 North Buffalo Hill School School District No. 3731 land location 20-24-W4 Woodarrow School District No. 3740 land location 20-22-W4 West Arrowwood School District No. 3732 land location 20-24-W4 No schools were ever built in these districts. (Buffalo School was sometimes referred to as Buffalo Hill School […]

Buffalo School No. 1700

Buffalo School was situated in the Buffalo Hills, so was often referred to as the Buffalo Hills School. It was established on October 9, 1907. It was located on the NE quarter of 24-19-24-W4. Directions are from Vulcan, go North 12 miles on Highway 23, continue North at Highway 23/24/542 junction (Corner Store) onto Highway […]

Arrowwood Consolidated School No. 59

Arrowwood Consolidated School was established on January 11, 1919. It was located in the town of Arrowwood, at the present school site.  Latitude 50.73896, Longitude -113.14564 The large brick building of the Arrowwood Consolidated School was built in 1918-19 on the northeast corner of the townsite, at a cost of $20,000. It was the pride […]

Antrim School No. 3707

Antrim School, established on August 10, 1918, was named after County Antrim, Ireland where the ancestors of Mrs. Frank Arrison and her brother, Tom Kelly, came from. It was located on the SE quarter of 17-20-24-W4. Directions today are: From Mossleigh – East on Hwy 24 for 1 1/2 miles, follow curve south for 1 1/2 miles. […]