“Roadside Refuge” with Hazel Giles

Hazel Giles talks about how living on the side of busy Highway 23 made their farm into a haven for storm weary travellers.

“Farming in my Time” with Stan Kehr

Stan explains the changes that he has seen through a lifetime of farming, from the first steel wheel tractors up to today’s machine’s with computers, GPS, and air conditioning.

“Silk Stockings in a Snowbank” with Paulette Cochrane

Paulette Cochrane tells a story of how she came to be living in the small prairie town of Arrowwood.

“Marian’s Trick” with Marian Fisher

Marian Fisher shares some early Halloween stories. Good Fun!

“Greening up the Prairie” with Carrie Campbell

Carrie Campbell shares a story about her family’s arrival to the barren prairie and their planting of shelterbelts and trees and the transformation of their homestead.

Peter Pickersgill’s Early Years

Peter talks of growing up in England, coming to Canada, and a career in journalism.

“My Nursing Career” with Mo Pickersgill

Mo details her education and nursing career.

“Early Years” with Allan Walker

“School Days” with Betty Smith

Betty Smith recalls her early days at Armada and Burnetta Schools, including the famous Christmas Concerts and music festivals.

“My Proudest Moments” with Dick Hammer

Dick Hammer recalls the proudest moments of his life in meeting, and marrying his wife Hilda.