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History of Mossleigh and the surrounding area

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Mossleigh School No. 1423

The school sat on the brow of the hill west of the town of Mossleigh on the south side of the Old Blackfoot Trail, now Highway 24 (NE 22-20-25-W4). Latitude 50.71768, Longitude -113.37517. People said it could be seen for miles as it was white with a red roof. The large school yard was enclosed […]

LaSalle School No. 4362

One of the later school districts to be organized, LaSalle School District No. 4362 was established on September 15, 1928. It was located on the SE quarter of 29-21-24-W4. Directions from Arrowwood – South 1 1/2 miles on Highway 547, follow curve and head west 6 miles on Highway 547, turn north on Range Road […]

Herronton School No. 4855

Herronton School was established on June 23, 1939.  It was located on the NE quarter of 20-19-25-W4 in the hamlet of Herronton, which was the name given to the Post Office in 1910 situated in the residence of O. F. Malmberg. This was named after John Herron, pioneer oil man and former M.L.A. Directions from […]

Elmdale School No. 1759

The history of the Elmdale School goes back to the year 1908, when after a series of meetings the board was notified by the Deputy Minister of Education that the Elmdale School District had been established on January 25, 1908. It was located on the SE quarter of 3-20-25-W4. Directions are: From Mossleigh – West […]

Blind Creek School No. 1881

Blind Creek School was established on September 10, 1908. It was located on the SW quarter of 14-21-25-W4. Directions today are: From Mossleigh – West on Hwy 24 for 3 1/2 miles, follow curve North for 3 1/2 miles, turn East on Twp Rd 212 for 2 miles, turn North on Rge Rd 252 for […]

Arrowwood School No. 1733

Arrowwood School was established on December 14, 1907.  It was located on the NE quarter of 15-19-25-W4. Directions today are: From Mossleigh – West 2 miles on Hwy 24, turn south on Rge Rd 252 for 7 miles. Latitude 50.61600, Longitude -113.37514 Although it was originally named Arrowwood School, the school name was changed to […]

Antrim School No. 3707

Antrim School, established on August 10, 1918, was named after County Antrim, Ireland where the ancestors of Mrs. Frank Arrison and her brother, Tom Kelly, came from. It was located on the SE quarter of 17-20-24-W4. Directions today are: From Mossleigh – East on Hwy 24 for 1 1/2 miles, follow curve south for 1 1/2 miles. […]