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History of Milo and area including Queenstown.

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Queenstown School No. 1798 Site 2

The town of Queenstown was one of those towns that sprang up beside the new railroad in 1926. The country school that served the district so well was moved to the townsite. Another room was built on to the old school. Grades 1-6 were taught in the Junior Room and grades 7, 8, and 9, […]

Queenstown School No. 1798 Site 1

Queenstown School was established on April 13, 1908 on the SE quarter of 24-19-22-W4. Directions from Milo – West 1 mile on Highway 542, turn north on Range Road 220 for 3½ miles. Latitude 50.62324, Longitude -112.91345 The name, Queenstown, came from Captain Dawson, an Irish surveyor, who organized a Ranching Colonization Company in 1887, […]

Pioneer School No. 1828

Pioneer School District came into existence on June 12, 1908 and on June 27, 1908, received the authorization of an $1800 debenture to purchase land and build and equip the school. The loan was to be repaid in ten equal, annual payments, interest 8%. First trustees of the School Board entrusted with the official business […]

Pasture Land School No. 5019

This is the youngest school district in Vulcan County. It was established on July 31, 1953. It encompassed the land east of Corbie Hill School District, south of Rocky Buttes School District and north of Sunny Plains School District. Land included in the district was the West halves of sections 3 and 10, sections 4, […]

Milo School No. 4251

When Milo was moved in 1924 to its new location, the need for a school became urgent. Classes were held in the United Church basement and also in a building later used as the school barn. Milo School District was established on May 19, 1926. A two-room school was built on SW 5-19-21-W4, with the […]

Liberty School No. 1940

Before there was a school in the Majorville area, a local lady, Mrs. Stewart, was a teacher. She started holding classes in her home with several school-aged children attending. Liberty School District No. 1940 was established on February 25, 1909.  The school was located on the SW quarter of 29-19-20-W4. Directions from Milo – East […]

Lake McGregor School No. 2724

Lake McGregor School District number 2724, was built on a corner of land now owned by the Wills family. It was 3½ miles west and 1 mile south of Milo, on the SE quarter of 33-18-22-W4. This was C.P.R. land at that time. It was established on April 25, 1912. Directions from Milo are west […]

Kirkdale School No. 3613

Kirkdale School was situated on the northwest corner of the southwest quarter of section 10 or one mile west of Leonard Northcott’s farm., SW 10-18-22 W4. This school was established on February 8, 1918 and opened May 1919. Directions from Milo – West 3 miles on Highway 542, turn south on Range Road 223 for […]

Giffen School No. 3720

Giffen School was located on the NE quarter of 12-20-21-W4. Directions from Milo – East 1 mile on Highway 542, turn north on Highway 842 for 8 miles, turn east on Twp Road 202 (Crowfoot Ferry/Haul Road) for 3 miles. Latitude 50.68866, Longitude -112.77584. It was established on August 24, 1918. It was named after […]

Fawn Hill School No. 3780

The site of the school was on top of a hill, surrounded by a view as picturesque as its name. Fawn Hill School was established on February 21, 1919. It was located on the SE quarter of 11-20-20-W4. Directions  Milo – East 1 mile on Highway 542, turn north on Highway 842 for 8 miles, turn […]