Sentinel Trees provide a glimpse into the past

The Sentinel Trees - July 2011

Last summer, while researching the history of the village of Bow City, I came across an article referencing something called the “Sentinel Trees”. In a July 1984 Lethbridge Herald piece entitled “Cottonwoods among most favorite of trees”, the “Sentinel Trees” were described as a group of plains cottonwoods situated in the former Kinnondale district, north of Enchant.

Located on the homestead of American-born bachelor and farmer, Sherman Hewitt, the Sentinels were nominated for inclusion on the Alberta Forestry Association’s 1983 Honour Role of Alberta Trees by Mrs. Guri Opstad of Lethbridge. In the book, Alberta Trees of Renown – An Honour Roll of Alberta Trees, Mrs. Opstad, who passed away in 2009, provides some third-person recollections about the Sentinels, describing them as “a gift from the drylands to a girl of the Alberta Prairies”.

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