Trego School No. 4050-site 1

The building that was originally Trego School was moved next to the hotel in Mossleigh. This cafe had several owners, including Elmer Jones. Gordon Low was about to reopen it for business when it burned with the hotel on February 9, 1970.

Trego School District No. 4050, established on August 2, 192. The school was located on the SE quarter of 5-21-24-W4. Directions from Arrowwood – South on Highway 24 for 1½ miles, follow curve and head West 6 miles on Highway 547, turn North on Range Road 244 (Western Feedlot Rd) for 2 miles. Latitude 50.7472, Longitude -113.2828

(This school is referred to as Trego I, since there later was another school named Trego, referred to as Trego II, which was located right in the town of Mossleigh.)

Information from Les Trego:

The Trego school was built about 1920 and was in use until 1927. It was located on Mr. Trego’s land southeast of the Thorsen farm. The first teacher was Mary Moss. After she left to get married, a young teacher from Medicine Hat took over. The school board consisted of my father (W. D. Trego), Wayne Fields, Elmer Mulberry and Bill Pinkerton.

The first pupils were Max Mulberry, Dean Fields, the two Dahl children whose folks worked for my father and the two children belonging to the Pinkertons’ housekeeper.

The teacher boarded at Pinkertons’ and drove a horse and buggy to school. She also brought the two kiddies from Pinkertons’.

Max Mulberry acted as janitor at the school until he quit attending, and then I was appointed to replace him at the unbelievable rate of $10.00 a month. Finally all the children moved away except me. The school was then forced to close. It was moved in 1929 or 1930 to SE 29-21-24-W4 to become the school for the LaSalle school district.

In 1924 W. D. Trego moved his family to three miles west and one and a half miles north of Arrowwood. This was not in the Arrowwood School District, so he built a school on his own land one mile north of the buildings. This school was attended by children of families who worked for him, also children of the neighborhood. Mary Moss was the teacher when they moved to the farm. There was an attendance of five pupils at that time. By Easter of 1925 all of the students except Leslie Trego had either quit school or moved away so the school was closed.

The building was later moved by the LaSalle School District to become LaSalle School. After that, it was moved to Mossleigh to become a cafe. The building burned with the hotel in 1970.

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