Sunny Plains School No. 2020

Sunny Plains School

Sunny Plains School was one of the earlier schools in the Lomond area. It was established on August 8, 1909. The school was on the NE quarter of 13-17-21-W4. Directions from Lomond – North 5 miles on Highway 845, turn West on Township Road 172 for 5 miles, turn north on Range Road 210 (Armada Road) for ½ mile. Latitude 50.43382, Longitude -112.75388

On February 7, 1911, $1800 was authorized to be borrowed by the Board of Trustees to purchase and fence a school site, build and equip a school house and erect necessary outbuildings. T. M. Wilson of Brunetta was Treasurer at that time. The lumber for the Sunny Plains School was hauled from High River by team and wagon, possibly by Mr. G.B. Craine.

Mr. Ray Beagle was a trustee and secretary of the Sunny Plains school district for many years.

Arthur Chase married one of the early teachers, Florence Smith. Jack Haight homesteaded in the area and was one of the first teachers. Both he and his brother, Bill, loved sports and were very athletic, playing on Lomond’s early baseball team.

Mrs. Amy Stokes remembered that once there was a dust storm so bad that pupils of Sunny Plain School, who were writing Departmental Exams, had to be moved to Mrs. Sarah Craine’s home. Mrs. Craine kept wet towels on the window sills to keep out the dust sufficiently so the exams could proceed.

Wesley Wambold was a member of the Mennonite church. He held church and Sunday school once a month in the district, in the Sunny Plains schoolhouse, after it was built. Mr. and Mrs. Omstead were both United Brethren ministers and they held services in the school for several years.

Harvey, Angeline and Reuben Boe attended Prospect Slope for one year in 1918. Then they attended Sunny Plain in following years.

The first two teachers were Miss Cottle and Mr. Waugh. Some of the other teachers were:

Year Teacher
1919-20 Belle H. King
1920-21 Belle H. King
1921-22 Belle H. King
!922-23 Marguerite E. Murray, Charles A. Thomas
1923-24 Bertha C. Arlendson
  1. A. W, Ewers, Belle S. Wallace
1925-26 A. W, Ewers
1926-27 Clara E. Busse, L. A. Daniels, W. L. Thompson
1928-29 Bertha Newton, L. A. Daniels

(The teaching list continues in the Armada School section.)

Sunny Plains School 2020 became Armada School 2020 on February 22, 1927.

Sunny Plains School. Top, L. to R.: Edward Howell, Joe Urdal, Jack Marks, Bemard Gay; Next row: Herb Craine, Mae Cotton, Lillian Wambolt, Amy Craine, Berdella Williams; Next row: Ruth Hanna, Joyce Lynch, Myrtle Craine, Anna Larson, Catherine Grant, Lillian Chambers, Eileen Williams, Hazel Beagle; Next row: Nellie Cotton, Viola Wambolt, Ruth Madson, Doris Hughes, Pearl Plum, Betsy Urdal, Molly Urdal, Lois Hughes, Ellie Dawson, Leona Sealock, Miss Bussie (teacher); Next row: Lloyd Urdal, Millord Sealock, Arnold Boe, Art Marks, Glen Sealock, Paul Madson, Charles Sealock, Bud Hughes, Hugh Hanna, Virgil Chambers, Harvey Howell; Next row: Jack Brotherwood, Jim Cotton, Bert Brotherwood, Roland Gay, Raymond Beagle, Roy Gay, Jack Urdal, Mervin Boe, Elmer Sealock, Elmer Wambolt.

In 1938, Evan and Alice Hughes and their five children walked away from their farm, unable to continue on with the desperate farming conditions. In 1941, they moved to Chicago.

Irene and Margaret Frasch attended Sunny Plain School, north of Howell’s store. Hughie and Ruth Hanna drove a horse and buggy to school and would let them ride with them.

Herb Craine attended Sunny Plains School and lived in Armada. Esther (Craine) Mitchell attended Armada School until it closed in 1959 and the students transferred to Lomond. At that time, Armada still had a general store, post office and dance hall.

More information about Sunny Plains School may be found in “History of Lomond and District” at the Vulcan and District Archives and from school directories (maps and driving directions) which are available at the Lomond Village Office, Lomond Grainland Hardware and the Vulcan & District Museum.

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