Sherwood School No. 1795

Sherwood School. Still on original location-2010.

Sherwood School District was established April 13, 1908. The school was located at NE 10-15-24-W4. Directions from Champion –  – West 2 miles on Highway 529. Latitude 50.25168, Longitude -113.21112

The school district included Sections 32, 33, 34 and 35, and the north half of Section 26 in Township 14, Range 24; and the Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 22, 23 and 24 and the south half of Section 16 in Township 15, Range 24, west of the Fourth Meridian.

On May 26, 1908, the Board of Trustees of the Sherwood School District No. 179 were authorized to borrow the sum of $1800.00 for the purpose of fencing the site, building and furnishing a school house, erecting out-buildings and sinking a well. The treasurer’s address was Stephen Fath, Cleverville.

Sherwood School. Last class - 1912. Back left to right: Vera Smith, Leo 'Bud' Roberts, Walter Diemert, Clifford Peterson. Middle Row: Teacher Elva Bowman, Vera Duncan, Morgan Smith, Franklin Peterson. Front Row: Rita Peterson, Fred Smith, Marvin 'Pete' Roberts, Donna Peterson, Ethel Diemert.

Sherwood School was only open for a short time. It closed in 1912. The town of Champion, only a short distance away, built a brick school in 1913. In 1917, Harvard, Sherwood and Champion School districts became Champion Consolidated No. 40.

Fred Smith wrote about Sherwood School in the “Champion and District School Reunion 1906-1961” book:

The Sherwood School House was completed in time to start school the first part of September, 1908 and Vera and I attended the first day. It was located on the site where Bill Wolfe and his wife now live.

I well remember that first day at school. Father and Mother got us up early so Father could drive us to Cleverville in the single buggy and buy our school supplies, slates, slate pencils, scribblers and lead pencils. He also bought Vera a straw hat with a pretty ribbon on it. He dropped us off at the school on his way home, with the understanding that we would walk home from school. On our way home from school, it poured down rain until we were soaked to the skin, and we both cried because the rain ruined Vera’s new hat.

Our first teacher was Miss Almstead, from Nova Scotia. Other teachers were Miss MacDonald from New Brunswick, Mr. Wier from the State of Washington, Miss Elva Bowman from Carmangay and one other whose name I can’t recall, but I do remember he liked raisins and ate them during class time. It was while he was teaching that Mother took us out of school and engaged May Alcock (Chamberlin) to teach us in her home.

I can’t remember exactly who attended the Sherwood School that first day but those I remember attending through the years were: Leo (Bud) and Marvin (Pete) Roberts, Walter and Ethel Diemert, Glen and Vera Duncan, Ralph Hardisty, Annamae Fath, Clifford, Franklin, Rita, Donna, Emily and Kay Petersen, Orvil, Henry, Jeannette, Vera, and Morgan Smith.

The games we played were: baseball, soccer, red light, red rover, pomp-pomp-pull-away, duck on the rock and kick the can. We will have to include marbles too.

Wilfred, Aimee and Olive Wigley attended Sherwood school. Other pupils were Vera Duncan, Pete Roberts, Lorna, Marion and Micky Boner. Mr. Wigley made a sleigh out of a large packing box to take the children to school and to go to town. The family’s first Christmas tree here was a Russian thistle bush.

Sherwood School, 1912. Morgan Smith and Teacher Mr. Wier.

Morgan Smith attended Sherwood. Annamae Fath attended Sherwood School until it closed in 1912.

Anglican, Mormon and Methodist Church services were held regularly in the Sherwood school. Mrs. May Chamberlin remembers early Anglican Church services here.

Dave and Mary Watkins came from Lomond to the Champion area. They lived and farmed the land where the Sherwood School was situated and made their home there. They sold to Mr. Wolfe and retired to Lethbridge.

The school became the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wolfe. The home is now owned by Bill’s son, Grant, and his wife, Marilyn. They have a new home next to the old school. They rent the school. It has been the home for a number of teachers and other local people. It remains on the same location as when it was in use as a school.

More information about Sherwood  School may be found in “Cleverville Champion 1905 to 1970,” at the Vulcan and District Archives and from school directories (maps and driving directions) which are available at the Vulcan & District Museum.

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