Prairie Queen School No. 4029

Prairie Queen School Back Row: Floyd Branden, Glen Lynk, Hilda Brodie, (?) Lynk Front Row: Murriel Cotes. John Taylor, Ella Branden, Floyd Bolduc, Bill Bolduc, (?) Bernard Lynk Front: Laurence Branden (?)

Prairie Queen was established April 21, 1921. This school was moved twice to be more centrally located between the pupils. It was located on the SE quarter of 25-15-19-W4. Directions from Lomond – South 4 miles on Highway 845, turn east on Township Road 154 for 7 miles, turn north on Range Road 190 for almost ½ mile. Latitude 50.28763, Longitude -112.47901

Included in the district were the following lands: Sections 19, 20, 29, 30, 31 and 32, the north half of Section 18 and the north-west quarter of Section 17 in Township 15 Range 18; Sections 24, 25 and 36, the north half of Section 13, the east halves of Sections 23, 26 an 35 in Township 15 Range 19; Sections 5 and 6 in Township 16 Range 18; Section 1 and the east half of Section 2 in Township 16 Range 19, west of the Fourth Meridian.

Alberta Booth taught one year at Prairie Queen School. Then the school closed due to the small enrollment. Though she earned $950 a year for teaching and paid $1.00 a day for board and room, she was able to save some money. She later married Earl Armstrong.

Prairie Queen School District school records found started January 1930 and ended in 1943. From September 1933-1938 there were no school aged children or the children were taught at home. In October 1943, these pupils started attending Travers School. Teachers at Prairie Queen School were Gladys Goodwin from January 1930 to June 1930; A. Hartwick from September 1930 to December 1930; Louise Martin from January 1931 to June 1933; Edna Tronnes from September 1938-June 1939; Rita M. Goughnour from September 1939 to June 1940; James Parks from September 1940 to June 1941 and Edith Larsen from September 1941 to June 1943.

Sweet Valley School students were: John Taylor, Floyd and Billie Bolduc, Jean Foster, Beanders, and Wittings and a few more. When their school closed, they all transferred to the Prairie Queen School.

It was closed in 1939 and was then moved to New West to become a church.

Prairie Queen School District became a part of Lomond District, when it closed.

More information about Prairie Queen School may be found in “History of Lomond and District” and “Drybelt Pioneers of Sundial, Enchant, Retlaw”, at the Vulcan and District Archives and from school directories (maps and driving directions) which are available at the Lomond Village Office, Lomond Grainland Hardware and the Vulcan & District Museum.

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