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Shouldice School No. 4222

Shouldice School opened east of Arrowwood, southwest of Shouldice, on the 16 January, 1926, in a granary attached to the chairman’s house, taught by Miss Nita (Jones) Boos. The school district was established on July 9, 1925. The district was named after the Shouldice family. On January 28, 1926, the school district was declared to […]

Sharon School No. 1065

Sharon School District is the oldest school district in Vulcan County, having been established July 27, 1904. The school was located on NE 24-17-27-W4. Directions from Vulcan-West 10 miles on Highway 534, turn North on Highway 804 for 4 miles, turn West on Township Road 174 for 3 miles. Latitude 50.455, Longitude 113,5756 A notice […]

Sherwood School No. 1795

Sherwood School District was established April 13, 1908. The school was located at NE 10-15-24-W4. Directions from Champion –  – West 2 miles on Highway 529. Latitude 50.25168, Longitude -113.21112 The school district included Sections 32, 33, 34 and 35, and the north half of Section 26 in Township 14, Range 24; and the Sections 1, […]

Sanderson School No. 2210

In the year 1910, the homesteaders in the district about twelve miles east of Champion, began to realize the great need for a school. It was quite a battle to get the school built. The biggest stumbling block was a chap named Dougherty, who, although married, had no children. However, Will Sanderson, became a “roaring” […]

Sandpit School No. 4246

When established in 1926, the school district was referred to as Sandpit School District. In 1927, the Sand Pit School District was given permission to borrow $2750. Viola Mensinger researched this school for “Wheat Country – a history of Vulcan and District.” In the area where the Sand Pit School was eventually built, it became […]

Rolling Prairie School No. 2422

The first teacher at Rolling Prairie School was Miss Vera Ainley, who later became Mrs. Dave Munro. Elvin Benson, a local farmer, had taken the lead in organizing a Local Improvement District, becoming one of its first councillors. Following surveying of the area, roads were built, using horses and scrapers to cut down hills and […]

Rosemead School No. 3688

Rosemead School was established on June 24, 1918. It was located at SW 30-14-20-W4. Directions from Lomond – South 6 miles on Hwy 845, turn west on Hwy 529 for 4 miles, turn south on Rge Rd 205 (Murray Rd) for 4 miles, sign is located inside the Travers Recreation Area; Champion – East 19 […]

Rocky Buttes School No. 4020

Surrounding a small plot of ground on the south side of the main road about six miles east of Milo are a few caraganas and maple trees, which mark the boundaries of the old Rocky Butte school yard. They were planted by the pupils on the first Arbour Day after the school’s opening in 1922, […]

Robertson School No. 4350

On August 4, 1928, a meeting was called to organize a new school district which would accommodate the children of the families in this outlying region. At this meeting were the Ted Roseens, Fred Bertschys, Otto Pearson and Ben Haggs. The name “Robertson” was chosen for the school and originated by using portions of the […]

Piercing allegations sunk Bow City’s chief booster

Part 16 in a series on the history of Bow City. 1916 was a bad year for Herbert Chandler Pierce. As the year drew to a close the village that Pierce had once promoted so vigorously now appeared on the verge of extinction. As the residents of Bow City dispersed like tumbling kochia weed, thoughts […]