Plateau School No. 2692

Plateau School, Ward Hanna by the buggy

This school received its name because it was situated on a small plateau on the George Armstrong farm. It was established on March 26, 1912. It was located on the NW quarter of 23-16-21-W4. Directions from Lomond – East 7 miles on Hwy 531, turn North on Rge Rd 212 for 3/4 mile. Latitude 50.36690, Longitude -112.79953

The first school teacher employed in Plateau S. D. was Miss Ada G. Tuttle, who taught there in 1913.

Plateau - 1914. Back and middle: Beatrice Bennett, Letha Chambers, Ella Lloyd, John Donily, Norman Armstrong, Edgar Chambers, Vernie Lloyd, Edmund Chambers, James Southern; Front: Dorothy Donily, Izola Armstrong, Earl Armstrong, Clarence Donily, Grace Armstrong.

Pioneer settlers in the area were: Mr. and Mrs. George  Armstrong, Mrs. and Mrs. Wm. Armstrong, Mac Armstrong, Guy Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Les Herman, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Southern, John Bowser, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams, Charles Schaub, Nels Sokvitne, Paul Sokvitne, Nicholas Sokvitne, Olaf Sokvitne, Charles Foster, T. J. Lindsay, George Hornberger, Ray Hornberger, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Bennett and family, George Stifter, Robert Sealock, P. J. Kennedy, Harley Wilcox, Ashley Hanna, Andrew Carvel, Clarence Dwight, John Shearer, Frank Lloyd and family, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. Chambers and family, Mr. Donily Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Irie Donily, Miss Silva Donily.

Sunday School at the Plateau School was started by Mr. Isaac Bennett. Also at Plateau School, services were held from 1911 to about 1914 by Reverend J. P. Cotton of the United Brethren Church.

Five pupils who went to Plateau and who remained in the district are: Mrs. Lillian (Chambers) Stokes, Mrs. Hazel (Herman) Beagle, Allen Lindsay, Alan Voile, and Gordon Lucas.

Some other family names of students attending Plateau School were: Vaile, Sokvitne, Donily, Armstrong, Chambers, and Lloyd.

The school was closed in 1938 and the pupils then remaining went to Armada. The building was moved to Enchant for school purposes.

Some information about Plateau School may be found in “History of Lomond and District”, at the Vulcan and District Archives and from school directories (maps and driving directions) which are available at the Lomond Village Office, Lomond Grainland Hardware and the Vulcan & District Museum.

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