Peace School No. 1134

Peace School, 1933. (L to R.): Helen Kennedy, Mildred Vian, Bob Kennedy, Lloyd Vian

The following is taken from The North West Territories Gazette. Regina, Tuesday, November 15,1904.

Regina, Friday, November 4,1904.

Notice is hereby given, in accordance with the provisions of The School Ordinance in that behalf, that by order of the Commissioner of Education, the following lands, namely, SECTIONS. 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,21,22,23,24,25, 26,27,28,33,34,35,and 36 in Township 17 Range 26 west of the Fourth Meridian, have been erected into a School District under the name of The Peace School District No.1134 of the North West Territories.

Senior Trustee: J.S.Viall, Nanton, Alta.

J.A. Calder

Deputy Commissioner of Education ”

*The North West Territories Gazette, Regina, Wednesday, February 15,1905

Regina, Saturday, February 11,1905

Notice is hereby given in accordance with the provisions of The School Ordinance in that behalf that the Commissioner of Education has authorized the Board of Trustees of The Peace School District No.1134 of the North West Territories to borrow the sum of One thousand dollars, upon the security of the said District for the purpose of securing a school site and building and furnishing a school house.

Treasurer’s address: J.H. Hymens, Nanton, Alta.

J.A. Calder

Deputy Commissioner of Education

The site chosen was on the South East 1/4 of Section 22-17-26- W4. Latitude 50.44805, Longitude -113.48384. Directions from Vulcan – West 10 miles on Highway 534, turn North on Highway 804 for 4 miles, turn East on Township Rd 174 for 1 mile, turn South on Range Road 262 for ½ mile. Mack McPhail owned this land.

The school building was constructed on a cement foundation. It had gable ends.There were five large windows on the south side. Two small windows higher up on the north side. The only door opened to the east, along with two windows. A shelf for lunch pails and water bucket. Hooks to hang outer garments on. A partition at the back separated classroom from the cloakroom and entrance. This partition was made so that it could be moved to the front of the school to be laid flat on the floor, thus becoming a stage for Christmas concerts. The walls and ceiling were finished in tongue and groove painted a pale green. The floor was also tongue and groove but well oiled. A large potbellied, wood and coal-burning heater heated it. Teacher’s desk was at the front of the school. Numerous desks in sizes small to large, running parallel to the windows. A small bookcase held the Encyclopedia Britannica and a few other books. Next to this was a table to hold a few other treasurers. One slate blackboard, two fiberboard. Then best of all a piano. If one crawled up to the top of the piano, from there to the top of the partition, the attic door could be reached. It was here that the Christmas decorations were stored.

The outside was always well painted, usually gray and white. There were two outhouses, a barn for the horses, a coal and wood shed. Then there was the teacher’s residence. It was just large enough to accommodate a double bed, small wardrobe, table and chairs, a small cupboard and a stove, all in one room. A well in the school yard provided water, until gophers decided to make it their home, then we brought our own.

Playground equipment – handmade swings, a ball diamond, a bat and a ball that always had to be sewn together again.

Children attending Peace School, No. 1134 included those of the McPhail family, the John Ruark family, the A. J. R. Welsh family and the Jerry Vian family. Mrs. Bazzard, Miss May Brimms, Miss Ward and Miss Vallesco were early teachers. The NE 1/4 of Section 8-17-26-W4 became part of this school district in the early twenties, so that the children of the J. R. Kennedy family could attend as this school was closer than Sharon School No. 1065. The Ben Holden family moved to this district in 1922 with some of their girls going to Peace School.

Children of the following families were also students here: John Braunworth, Frank Beingessner. Bob Parker, Mick Parker, and Eric Thorpe.

The following is a list of the teachers in the last ten years of its operation.

1926-27 —————————– Miss James

1927-28 —————————– Dave Smith

1928-29——————————-Dave Smith

1929-30—————– ————-W.J. Collett

1930-31——————–Miss Charlotte Ernst

1931-32—————-Miss Margaret Gardiner

1932-33—————-Miss Margaret Gardiner

1933- 34—————— Miss Grace Dingwall

1934-35—————Miss Susie Hungerbuhler

1935-36—————Miss Susie Hungerbuhler

1936-37——————————-W.D. Snow

The School was closed at the end of June 1937 with only two students left for September opening. They went to Richmond Hill School until it closed. The children in these two districts were bussed to the public school at Brant. Peace School was used by local residents as a community center for several years. It was eventually moved to Blackie, Alberta to be used as a Poultry Marketers Grading Station. It had served this community for some thirty-five years not only as a school for all children residing within its boundaries, but also as a place for friends and neighbors to meet.

More information about Peace School may be found in “Wheat Country – a history of Vulcan and District”, at the Vulcan and District Archives and from school directories (maps and driving directions) which are available at the Vulcan & District Museum.

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