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Mossleigh School No. 1423

The school sat on the brow of the hill west of the town of Mossleigh on the south side of the Old Blackfoot Trail, now Highway 24 (NE 22-20-25-W4). Latitude 50.71768, Longitude -113.37517. People said it could be seen for miles as it was white with a red roof. The large school yard was enclosed […]

Milo School No. 4251

When Milo was moved in 1924 to its new location, the need for a school became urgent. Classes were held in the United Church basement and also in a building later used as the school barn. Milo School District was established on May 19, 1926. A two-room school was built on SW 5-19-21-W4, with the […]

Midway School No. 2271

Midway School, located on the NE quarter of 34-16-19-W4, was established on September 10, 1910. Directions from Lomond – East 3 miles on Township Road 163, turn North on Range Road 194 for 3 miles, turn east on Township Road 170 for just over 1 1/2 miles. Latitude 50.39733, Longitude -112.53338 On October 28, 1910, […]

Mica School No. 2728

Mica School was established on April 25, 1912. It was located on the NW quarter of 24-16-18-W4. Directions from Lomond – North 5 miles on Highway 845, turn east on Highway 539 for 12 miles, turn south on Range Road 181 for 4 miles, turn east on Township Road 164 for ½ mile. Latitude 50.36823, […]

McIntyre School No. 3271

Henry Hansen tells about McIntyre School in “Wheat Country – a history of Vulcan and District.” The McIntyre School was built on the southwest corner of Section 26-17-25-W4 on land owned by Peter McIntyre. The first teacher was May Brimms, who later became Mrs. Jim Ferguson. Other teachers included Mrs. Coombs, Mrs. Richardson and Mr. […]

Mayview School No. 2011

Lorna Gerding tells this in “Trails to Highways” and “Wheat Country – a history of Vulcan and District”: On January 30, 1909, a number of ratepayers met at the home of Mr. Oliver Anderson to form a new school district. Mr. J. D. Shultz was elected chairman, and Mr. C.W. Chapman, secretary, for the meeting. […]

Marshall School No. 1698

Marshall School District was established on September 19, 1907, located on the SW quarter of 22-16-22-W4. Directions from Vulcan – East 13 miles on Highway 534, turn South on Range Road 223 for 2½ miles; from Champion – East 9 miles on Highway 529, turn North on Range Road 223 for 7½ miles. Latitude 50.36086, […]

Long Coulee School No. 1531

On August 7, 1906, Long Coulee School District No. 1531 was established. The name of the school was a descriptive of the lone prairie. It was located on the SE quarter of 1-16-24-W4. Directions from Vulcan – South 6 miles on Highway 23, turn east onto Township Road 160 (Coalmine Road) for 1¾ miles; Champion […]

Lomond Consolidated School No. 20

In May, 1916, William Aberhart, the Alberta Premier and Minister of Education, proposed the rural centralization scheme. Dufferin School was moved into the community of Lomond and the rural districts of Rolling Prairie, Ocean Wave, Dufferin and Deep Water were combined into the Lomond Consolidated School District #20 on May 22, 1916. It was located […]

Liberty School No. 1940

Before there was a school in the Majorville area, a local lady, Mrs. Stewart, was a teacher. She started holding classes in her home with several school-aged children attending. Liberty School District No. 1940 was established on February 25, 1909.  The school was located on the SW quarter of 29-19-20-W4. Directions from Milo – East […]