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Arrowwood Consolidated School No. 59

Arrowwood Consolidated School was established on January 11, 1919. It was located in the town of Arrowwood, at the present school site.  Latitude 50.73896, Longitude -113.14564 The large brick building of the Arrowwood Consolidated School was built in 1918-19 on the northeast corner of the townsite, at a cost of $20,000. It was the pride […]

Arrowwood School No. 1733

Arrowwood School was established on December 14, 1907.  It was located on the NE quarter of 15-19-25-W4. Directions today are: From Mossleigh – West 2 miles on Hwy 24, turn south on Rge Rd 252 for 7 miles. Latitude 50.61600, Longitude -113.37514 Although it was originally named Arrowwood School, the school name was changed to […]

Champion’s Mr. Baseball

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Armada School No. 2020

Armada School, named on February 22, 1927, was originally established as Sunny Plains School No. 2020 on August 9, 1909. It was on SE 12-17-21-W4. Directions today are: From Lomond, go east on highway 531, turn north on range road 210 and continue for 4¼ miles. When the name was changed, the school district was […]

Antrim School No. 3707

Antrim School, established on August 10, 1918, was named after County Antrim, Ireland where the ancestors of Mrs. Frank Arrison and her brother, Tom Kelly, came from. It was located on the SE quarter of 17-20-24-W4. Directions today are: From Mossleigh – East on Hwy 24 for 1 1/2 miles, follow curve south for 1 1/2 miles. […]

Berrywater School No. 1968

Berrywater School was located on the SE quarter of 15-18-23-W4. It was established on April 24, 1909. Directions today are: From Vulcan, go north 7 miles, turn east on Township Road 182 and continue for just over 7½ miles. Mary Haga tells the history of Berrywater School in the book, “Wheat Country – a history […]

Champion Celebrates

Anniversary Celebrations Through the Years Champion residents are gearing up for the Village’s centennial celebration, to be held in the summer of 2011. Anniversary celebrations are nothing new for Champion. Throughout the years, residents have gathered to reminisce, remember, and commemorate. Not even the Great Depression could stop Champion from having its July 1st celebration. […]

Ryckman School No. 1502

Ryckman School was located on the SE quarter of 3-13-24-W4. Directions are: From Carmangay, go south 3 miles on Highway 23, turn west on Township Road 132 for 5 miles, south on Range Road 244 for 1 mile. The school district was established on May 25, 1906. Mrs. Gilbert McGinnis wrote about Ryckman School in […]

Ridgeway School No. 1966

Ridgeway School was located on the NW quarter of 33-13-22-W4. It was the last school to be established in the Carmangay East district, April 10, 1909. Directions from Carmangay – From Carman St, turn North on Rge Rd 234 and follow curve to go east on Twp Rd 140 (Stonehouse Rd) for 6 miles. This […]

Plainfield School No. 1550

Established on September 25, 1906, Plainfield School was located on the NE quarter of 22-14-22-W4. Directions from Carmangay, turn north on range road 234 and follow the curve to go east on Stonehouse Road for 8 miles, north on Range Road 222 for 4 miles. The Carmangay history book gives a good account of the […]