Champion Celebrates

Anniversary Celebrations Through the Years

Champion residents are gearing up for the Village’s centennial celebration, to be held in the summer of 2011. Anniversary celebrations are nothing new for Champion. Throughout the years, residents have gathered to reminisce, remember, and commemorate.

From The Champion Chronicle, June 18, 1931

Not even the Great Depression could stop Champion from having its July 1st celebration. As the Champion Chronicle reports, in 1931 the Village marked its 20th Anniversary, along with Canada’s 64th birthday.

Champion's 50th Parade, 1961. Photo from

Community dinners, talent shows, baseball tournaments, and more have always been a part of Champion’s anniversary celebrations.

The highlight of each weekend is always the parade, which is filled with floats from community organizations, businesses, sports teams, and families.

Champion's 70th, 1981

Champion's 95th Parade. Photo by Elfie Hall,

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