Bancroft School No. 2271

The marker for Bancroft School is located on the SE quarter of 15-17-19-W4. Directions today are: From Lomond – North 5 miles on Hwy 845, turn east on Hwy 539 for 5 miles. Latitude 50.42657, Longitude -112.52487. The marker for Midway School is located on the NE quarter of 34-16-19-W4, with directions from Lomond – East 3 miles on Twp Rd 163, turn North on Rge Rd 194 for 3 miles, turn east on Twp Rd 170 for just over 1 1/2 miles. Latitude 50.39733, Longitude -112.53338

Bancroft School, known first as Midway School, was renamed on Oct. 13, 1955. The school was no longer in operation at that time, having been closed in 1939.

If for some reason another area in the province wished to name a school with a name already being used in a different district, they could make a request to that school district for the name. If the original district with the name agreed to the change, the Minister of Education would give notice of the change. This happened and Olds School Division No. 33 consolidated their Bancroft School District No. 1362 with four other small schools to become Midway School District No. 1362 on October 13, 1955. On that date, Midway School District No. 2271 in the County of Vulcan No. 2 was changed to be Bancroft School District No. 2271.

More information about Bancroft School may be found in the book, “History of Lomond,” at the Vulcan and District Archives and from school directories (maps and driving directions) which are available at the Lomond Village Office, Lomond Grainland Hardware and the Vulcan & District Museum.

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