Bow City – May 1914

A map of the community of Bow City as it existed in May 1914. Click on image to view larger map.


Above is a map of Bow City in May 1914 that I have pieced together from documents included within the archives of Alberta’s Department of Municipal Affairs. Some points of clarification about the map: Firstly the locations of the buildings are what I would call relatively accurate approximations, based on the information and resources I have. Secondly, a note on the inclusion of Secondary Highway 539 (the Bow City Road) and Range Road 173 on the map. While both were only undeveloped prairie trails in 1914, I felt their inclusion would provide perspective for those traveling through the area today. One final note: the grey lines indicate the boundaries between quarter sections, with the the east 1/2 of 9-17-17 W4 (owned by the Prairie Coal Company) and the west 1/2 of 10-17-17 (owned by the H.C. Pierce & Co) pictured; The white line indicates the grade of the railway constructed in 1913, in relation to the layout of the townsite. Most of the grade constructed in 1913 is still visible today.

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