Adler School No. 3655

Adler School was located on the NE quarter of 5-18-18-W4. It was established on April 10, 1918. Directions today are: From Lomond, go 5 miles north on Highway 845, east on Highway 539 for 8 miles, and continue east on a prairie trail for another 1 3/4 miles. (The prairie trail has very deep ruts. Travel is at your own risk.)

Not much is known about Adler School. It was built by Jens Sokvitne near Bow City on land donated by Mike LaFontaine.

It was closed in 1922, but later on was reopened for a short time with Miss Zella Calvert as teacher.

It became a part of Lomond District, when it closed.

Information about Adler School may be found in the History of Lomond book, at the Vulcan and District Archives and from school directories (maps and driving directions) which are availableĀ at the Lomond Village Office, Lomond Grainland Hardware and the Vulcan & District Museum.

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