The Rabbit Drive*

A RABBIT DRIVE – by Mae L. Todd

In the spring of 1925 the rabbits in the Thigh Hill and Reid Hill districts were exceedingly numerous so much so that the farmers in these areas to plan devious ways to eliminate them. Shooting them would not solve the problem; poisoning them was dangerous because of the domestic animals and children; and so a plan was formed to trap them. The day was set when a drive would take place.

The farmers rose early that April morning. Armed with stout sticks and something like a tin can pr piece of tin sheeting to beat on, they started out to shoo rabbits wherever they could find them. They walked miles in the effort! A corral had been built of chicken wire at the foot of the hill somewhere near the NE corner 7-16-23-W4 into which the rabbits were driven or cornered. There the men bludgeoned the rabbits – about 500 of them. These were sold for five or ten cents apiece to Barney Lommatzsch who raised foxes. It was a bloody one-sided battle which did not last very long.


A Rabbit Drive east of the Corner Store

Several of the women brought sandwiches and made a pot of coffee in the Robert Todd’s empty house (the family having moved to the Gardner farm) to give the men a lunch before they went to their respective homes.

The next year another drive took place – this one at Guy Walker’s farm. Over 300 rabbits were cornered and killed.

Since that time the rabbits have not been so numerous. Too many coyotes had been killed prior to 1925 which accounted for the over-population of the furry creatures.

* Wheat Country: A History of Vulcan and District

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