“My Year at Boarding School in Milo” with Florence Sokvitne

“Swimming in Vulcan” with Rose Munro

“The Little House that Grew” with Margaret Richardson

Margaret Richardson describes how they moved and renovated their house several times.

“School Bus Driver Laura” with Laura Houlton

Laura Houlton talks about being one of the first female school bus drivers in the area and how attached to the students she got.

“An Old Fashioned Shivaree” with Lloyd Graham

Lloyd Graham share the story of how he and his wife Gwen were shivareed shortly after they were married.

“Hair Dressing in Vulcan” with Dorothy Myers

Dorothy Myers tells how she took hair dressing in Calgary and then came to Vulcan to start her own shop.

“Adventures in the City” with Phyllis Hunter

Phyllis talks about the trials of moving to Calgary from the farm for Normal School, and becoming a teacher.

“Girl Editor” with Lola Bateman

Lola (Bateman) Findlay describes how she ended up as the editor of the Vulcan Advocate during WW II.

“Adeline” with Adeline Seaman

Adeline Seaman tells of her life as an artist- her inspirations, and what she liked to paint.

“Ruby’s Dad” with Ruby Knive

Ruby Knive talks about growing up in a single parent home raised by her father in the 1920s and 30s.